The Live Tweets: Part 2

  WK6: Ghost in the Shell (1995) “By positing a world in which people merge with machines, Ghost in the Shell examines what makes us fundamentally human.” Ghost in the Shell poses many questions surrounding “consciousness” and whether human-machine hybrids can possess consciousness. A topic we’ve discussed as well in the weekly lectures. In one […]

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Future Cultures: Project Beta

The following video is an update of my work on my digital artefact titled “A Time Travel Through Time Travel”. In this update I explain some of the changes following some feedback from my peers and tutor. Before posting my first blog for this series I did some more research on the topic and observed […]

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The Live Tweets: Part 1

For the past weeks we have been taking a look at various films over the decades and analysing their depiction and representation of the future. Whilst collectively viewing these films we were asked to live comment and engage in conversation on Twitter. The following are a collection of some of my twitter highlights. Week 1- […]

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