Wrapping it up – MOOD

Mood Podcast: Music, Online, Open, Discussion. Initially, we made Mood Podcast to share and spark conversation around a topic we are so very passion about, music. Collaborating with other members on this project really allowed our conversations to open up and reach an audience further than what we could have individually done alone. Sharing our […]

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The internet of? Uhh… Things?

In simple terms, the IoT (Internet of Things) stands for the connection of usually trivial material objects to the internet. – Teodor Mitew, Do objects dream of an internet of things? The Internet of Things is an emerging topic of technical, social, and economic significance. Consumer products, durable goods, cars and trucks, industrial and utility […]

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Lulzswho? LulzSec?

“Lulz” as in lols or laughter, “Sec” as in security, LulzSec was formed in a private online chatroom of the hacking collective “Anonymous”. They formed in 2011 targeting Fox.com. It all began APPARENTLY after fox.com had described a rapper called Common as “vile” on-air. Together the hacker group: -leaked the profiles and names of 73,000 […]

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Three Icons: Choose your fighter!

Ok now: Lets take a look into who these guys are:   Stallman: – leads the Free Software Movement, which shows how the usual non-free software subjects users to the unjust power of its developers, plus their spying and manipulation, and campaigns to replace it with free (freedom-respecting) software. – worked at the MIT Artificial […]

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Participation Addict

The internet can be seen as a very effective tool for political change. As seen in the social network revolutions: #mena #arabspring & #maidan. Networks formed online were crucial in organising a core group of activists. Additionally, digital media was used to exercise freedom of speech and as a space for civic engagement. When you […]

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Liquid Life?

Zygmunt Bauman argues that in the process of creating a liquid life, through the convergence of production (work) and consumption (life) we create “a precarious life, lived under conditions of constant uncertainty.” But what if uncertainty is what we crave and need? As explained by Mark Deuze  in his 2006 paper “Liquid Life, Convergence Culture, […]

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how about we give podcasting a go?

  There is something indescribably entertaining about getting stuck 2 hours into a Kendall Rae podcast questioning my self-existence. Podcasting is a talent and media-producing skill that I am yet to master, but very excited to be giving a go this semester. Deciding on a topic to be the focus of my podcast was not a […]

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