la finale

From our initial failed project, to the content we’ve produced (and in my opinion succeeded with) now, there are many lessons in between that have been learnt and can be applied to any future Digital Artefacts or even running any social media account. In summary it is all about applying the right amount of effort […]

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Successful Failure

Weeks of unproductively and lack of motivation, a project we were originally so excited about instantly became a fail before even uploading our first video. The Time 2 Talk Youtube series, although a great concept really just did not work. As a group we just were not satisfied with the content we had created considering […]

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i d e a t i n g

Time 2 Talk, our DA for this semester, is going to be an experimental YouTube series where Jules, Leah and I (alongside the help of the amazing ben floydy) interview random people on random topics on during 1hr commute to Wollongong weekly. During bcm112 last semester, we collaborated to make content and it actually turned […]

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