Digital coffeehouse

Sure, discussing and debating important social matters would have been quite delightful whilst sipping a warm one with “the boys” back in the 18th Century, but today’s social media platforms seem to have taken over and are the easiest way to express opinion and converse important issues without getting your wig in a twist. Coffeehouses […]

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    Growing up in the 21st century, I quite sadly have to admit, the DailyMail or Mashable Snapchat stories or BuzzFeed Facebook articles with bold clickbait headlines usually end up being my predominant way of accessing news stories. 99% of the time whilst reading through the articles I also end up distracted by a […]

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Semiotics x Leunig

“Semiotics is an investigation into how meaning is created and how meaning is communicated. Its origins lie in the academic study of how signs and symbols (visual and linguistic) create meaning.” “It is a way of seeing the world, and of understanding how the landscape and culture in which we live has a massive impact […]

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Alfred Bandura’s “Bobo Doll” theory presents to us the idea that children copy what they watch and that there is a connection between watching violence and engaging in violence. In our week 2 BCM 110 lecture, this ideology was discussed and although the violence part of the experiment is questionable, I feel it raises many […]