That’s a wrap!

BCM313 – The Future of Work: Reflection I expected concluding my final year of studies in my degree would be a challenge. What was unexpected however, was the harsh realities 2020 was yet to serve me on a tarnished silver platter. Learning moments and teaching staff in subject “The Future of Work” (BCM313), helped me […]

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Mood Podcast – The Contextual Essay

For our advanced digital media project this semester, Julia Belikova and I teamed up to create MOOD podcast. MOOD podcast consists of an Instagram account and a podcast, which through Anchor is distributed onto streaming channels such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. When creating MOOD podcast, Julia and I saw there was great potential for […]

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Narrative Interview Reflection

Interview Experience For this task I had the pleasure of interviewing my current manager and close friend Felicity Worth. Although interviewing a familiar face was a comforting experience, I wanted to ensure I was attentively listening to how Felicity phrased her responses. I wanted to let her responses guide the conversation to ensure my interpretation […]

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Time for the BETA

Earlier this semester I reviewed the projects of two fellow media students and gave them some feedback and suggestions to trial as they began their own digital media projects. Following up, in this blog post I will be reviewing how their projects have progressed in their beta stage of their projects. Nicole “The Framed Collective” […]

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Meltdowns make us human!

“Narrative is everywhere that human beings are” (Abbott, 2002) Putting on the brave face can sometimes be the only way to get yourself through the day. However, there are days where being strong and concealing your emotions to make it to the end of a working day are just not an option. We are human, […]

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A pair of peer reviews.

In this blog I’ll be providing some constructive feedback on the pitches of some of my fellow peers media projects. To view my pitch for own project you can click here.   First up we have Nicole and her project “The Framed Collective”. Across a few different online platforms she showcases her art & lifestyle […]

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