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BCM313 – The Future of Work: Reflection

I expected concluding my final year of studies in my degree would be a challenge. What was unexpected however, was the harsh realities 2020 was yet to serve me on a tarnished silver platter. Learning moments and teaching staff in subject “The Future of Work” (BCM313), helped me navigate through some of these obstacles, preparing me for the road ahead and helping me understand my values in the workplace.

A crucial learning moment I endured taking this subject was learning about narrative theory. Listening, observing and understanding – tools of empathy, are skills I have always strived to develop. Narrative theory attempts to use skills like these to better understand ourselves and the people around us. 

“Narrative theory starts from the assumption that narrative is a basic human strategy for coming to terms with fundamental elements of our experience, such as time, process, and change, and it proceeds from this assumption to study the distinctive nature of narrative and its various structures, elements, uses, and effects.” – The Ohio State University 

Applying these skills to an interview setting was quite an enlightening experience. As mentioned in my interview reflection blog, in the process of interviewing my close friend/manager, not only was I able to get a better understanding of an individual whose values I already admired but I was also able to acknowledge what values were of importance to myself. In this experience of interviewing, I really learnt to just sit back and listen to the way my interviewee structured and described their self narrative. However sometimes it wasn’t the words they were saying, but the words left unsaid that interested me in the conversation, “the absent but implicit”.

On a final note, another thing highly commendable in this subject were the excellent teaching staff, Kate Bowles and Nhi Nguyen. Their guidance and excellent teaching of the course content made my last semester at UOW one to remember. Converting course content to an online learning space is not an easy task yet the delivery and methods of communication used in this subject worked outstandingly well. Thank you all for making my last semester a great one! I feel more ready than ever to take on the future!

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