Time for the BETA

Earlier this semester I reviewed the projects of two fellow media students and gave them some feedback and suggestions to trial as they began their own digital media projects. Following up, in this blog post I will be reviewing how their projects have progressed in their beta stage of their projects.

Nicole “The Framed Collective”

Following Nicole’s Instagram it is evident that she  has been hard at work completely rebranding her project “The Framed Collective”. The aesthetic she has established is a stand out and the planning involved using a scheduling app has been of great success to her. As mentioned in her beta, she has a clear audience frame which her content across platforms is targeted at towards. The collection of images in her ‘starter pack’ show the associations chains connected to the type of audience she believes would best be interested in her work. My suggestion is taking this starter pack and actually extending it further, broadening her work to attract from the unexpected places.

I have observed Nicole make regular polls and Q & A type questions through her Instagram platform. These have been an excellent way to gain regular feedback from audience of what exactly they want to see more of. I suggest to definitely continue this as it seems to working as great simple & easy feedback. She could even possibly extend the feedback by sharing these story polls to the Facebook groups she mentions that she shares her content to. Another possible thing to try may be even making a Tiktok or Reel out of the feedback given back from the audience. There’s a particular Tiktok trend that is kind of a “would you rather” in its style and I think it may even work with her art. For example using similar questions to those in her Instagram polls e.g. “black and white mandalas” or “watercolour mandalas” which then one is selected, followed by another question. This may be more easily explained by an actual example of one of these style videos so check this one out: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSQVePUt/

Shayla – “Shay’s Wondering World

Shayla’s original project didn’t to make a podcast showcasing and interviewing females in sport didn’t go to plan and she had some slight issues occur. Reaching out to athletes was a challenge and this would have been even more difficult in times of COVID 19.  Relying on interviews with other people to create content with can become an issue when you can’t find people to interview! Shayla also explained that it was very time consuming when it came to the actual podcast editing and it  didn’t allow her to create regular iterations. All part of the learning process of course! These are issues that will arise in a professional workplace as well so my biggest point of feedback would be to not let the failed projects stop you from pushing forward to make something even better!

I completely understand how the lengthy podcast editing process can be quite frustrating. I think Shayla has done a great job going back to basics and developing her blog site as this is still a great way to present your portfolio of work to future employees. I think from here it may be best to find a way of receiving feedback on her blog site. Posting the blogs to Twitter and taking advantage of hashtags or tagging relevant Twitter accounts may attract views to the blog site allowing her to create a feedback loop.

Can’t wait to see the progress made in the final projects these guys develop in the next few weeks!

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