A pair of peer reviews.

In this blog I’ll be providing some constructive feedback on the pitches of some of my fellow peers media projects. To view my pitch for own project you can click here.


First up we have Nicole and her project “The Framed Collective”. Across a few different online platforms she showcases her art & lifestyle which acts as an online portfolio of her work and builds on her online presence.

In her well produced and informative pitch, Nicole mentions she is planning to experiment an open up her content to the platform TikTok. I really think this platform will amplify her content. The “satisfying” nature of art time-lapse videos is something I think she could really utilise, especially as her art consists of drawing mandalas, which just on their own enough are satisfying and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Content like this is also very simple and easy to make simply setting up your phone to record a time lapse whilst drawing art takes little to no effort at all! For an example of a popular Tiktok Mandala artist, I recommend giving “Beetlebackdesigns” on Tiktok a glance (https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJkGMwra/). I definitely think Nicole’s project has the potential to be just as popular on Tiktok, and as the algorithm is so randomised literally anyone has the opportunity to blow up!

A small tip I recommend for her testing and experimenting with Tiktok is to use popular sounds on videos, doing so means she will get exposure and attraction from others viewing videos with the same sounds. As one of Nicole’s main online platforms is Instagram, I highly recommend for her to make use of Instagram’s newest feature “Reels”. I think it’d be interesting to compare the same content posted on both Instagram and Tiktok and test to see which may benefit her page and attract more new accounts to engage with her. As both Reels and Tiktoks content are very similar in their format, Nicole could simply post the same content on each platform making it really simple and easy to rapidly prototype her content. Both platforms also provide easily trackable insights, meaning she will be able to receive user feedback and analytics very easily as well. I think Nicole is right on track with this project and I hope my feedback can be of use to her and the future of its development!


Now onto Shayla’s project, “Beyond the Female Sport”. In this pitch project Shayla plans on making a podcast interviewing female athletes.

As this is a new concept, it seems Shayla is yet to decide all the aspects of the project but I’m going to try my best to give her some advice for getting started. Her extensive knowledge in this field and background in journalism are already of great use to a successful project however, with my own experience with podcasting, I think the platform you post your content on is of great importance. I’d like to recommend the use of “Buzzsprout” for starting a podcast. Although this platform is only something I am just starting to use, I am already loving it as it’s free, easy to use. It gives you the option of directing listeners to listen through it however it is also compatible to use it to upload to popular sites such as Spotify, apple, google etc.

Using Buzzsprout you can publish your episodes immediately or schedule a day and time you’d like your episode to be available for your listeners which I think would be of great use for Shayla. Another suggestion I think Shayla would benefit from is utilising Facebook groups of similar interests to promote her content. Facebook provides a great space for online communities and dependant on the focus/sport type featured of each episode, Shayla could post and promote each episode in a relevant Facebook group or page to help find an audience who shares the same interest and appreciation for women in sport. I recommend having a good search through Facebook communities and becoming familiar with them prior to posting any promotional content just in case the page/group have any preferences of where/when this type of content gets posted. For example some Facebook communities I am part of will have an “anything Tuesday” or a specific pinned post for where they would prefer anyone asking members for interest in a project/promotion for anything. Good luck with starting this podcast Shayla!





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