Advanced Digital Media Project – The Pitch

For the semester’s advanced digital media project Julia Belikova (possibly Saxon Phillips & Jasmine Montana TBC) and I will be continuing a digital artefact we begun last year. Although the project didn’t go as well as we hoped last time, we hope by making some changing and starting fresh with it we can make it grow into something more successful. Through experimentation with our content creation skills & digital media management skills, both vital for our future career paths, we plan on running a podcast & Instagram account on all things music. Ideally aimed towards the Australian music fan community & podcast community, our podcast aims to create a space for content for like minded individuals to engage in. As we are in a paradigm shift as well as a global pandemic, digital adaptation and connections are vital to the world we live in.  We hope our digital artefact can act as a tool for communication and engagement for young people giving them a digital space to bond over common interests.

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