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The following video is an update of my work on my digital artefact titled “A Time Travel Through Time Travel”. In this update I explain some of the changes following some feedback from my peers and tutor. Before posting my first blog for this series I did some more research on the topic and observed online Reddit groups in relevant groups to my topic. I reached out on my own social media accounts to gain insights on time travel series and movies enjoyed by my followers so that my future blogs include examples that they are interested in. As mentioned in the video I also made a plan on my future two blog posts for the series. For a more in depth recount watch the video below:

*Note: Yes that is me talking in all recordings however after having surgery my voice has drastically changed 🙂

6 thoughts on “Future Cultures: Project Beta

  1. Hey Anthea, first off I wanna say that I think the whole idea and concept of your beta is really interesting. It’s really good that you are taking in feedback and actually implementing it into your project.

    Dark is an amazing show and i’m glad that its one of the examples that you are using. I think your methodology is really strong and the 3 blog posts is a good idea with good topics to accompany them. I’d like to suggest a couple more examples of tv shows and movies that use time travel that you may want to look into.

    A really fun TV show that I watch is ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’. It’s a show where a bunch of heroes go time traveling ans saving the world, visiting all these different time periods. The show doesn’t take itself so seriously and it’s a really fun show that explores all these different possibilities of time travel. It is a superhero show as well keep in mind but the core themes involved in the time travel and how it is actually used to push the stories and characters arcs is done surprisingly well.
    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4532368/ – Check it out here
    Not to of course mention some classics like Doctor Who and Back to the Future as well.

    However on a more serious note I found this article while researching that sort of talks about the whole history involved in Time Travel in films, it’s a good read and would recommend checking it out, maybe even doing a blog post about the history of time travel in media?

    Overall though, super cool and interesting idea.

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  2. Hey Anthea,
    Analysing the representation and use of time travel in tv series and films is a great idea. IN BCM325 we discuss future cultures and your digital artefact is great representation of this, our class involvement of live tweeting Sci-Fi films could also contribute massively to your DA. Reddit is a great way to promote content, unfortunately the reddit community dislike this behaviour. I have promoted DA’s in the past on reddit successfully, however I’ve used an alias, promoting content from a viewer’s perspective which I would recommend doing.
    Your public interaction is exceptional, and it gives you a great way to build an audience and get effective feedback for future content, for example your review of the series Dark.
    I look forward to seeing how your digital artefact addresses the way time travel interacts with storylines in particular. I found an article that explains three different ways characters build a narrative around time travel in films. Narrative in time travel explore how characters can:
    • CHANGE NOTHING: Where the character is simply observing past or future events, events that can contribute to knowledge for when they return to the present, to hopefully change the future.
    • CHANGE SOMTHINGS: Where the character sets out to change something in the past to better the future.
    • CHANGE EVERYTHING: Where the character is so discontent with a particular circumstance they are in and wish to create a big impact on the past. This may be by accident; however, it results in a butterfly effect that completely changes the future.
    I believe you can contribute greatly towards your Da by using lecture content and I look forward to seeing the last instalment to your DA.

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  3. Hey Anthea,

    Time travel is a very interesting area in movies and television series and I love that you have focused your DA on a specific interest of yours, it definitely makes doing the workload a little easier.

    As this subject address’s future cultures and a majority of or screenings have Sci-Fi settings, I believe you’ll be able to utilise this throughout your DA. You mentioned that you wanted to include more content explored within the subject, I was wondering what main points you will be referring your blog posts to were?

    One suggestion I have is to possibly do a post (if you find the time) discussing the science behind time travel and the technology that is currently available that suggests that time travel is possible. The source below discusses how science suggests that traveling faster than one second per second is possible. You could address the future of this and its possibilities.


    This could also open your DA up to discussion as you could use platforms such as Reddit and Instagram to ask the public what they believe the future of time travel will consist of, alongside the possibilities it could provide. Additionally, you could question how they would utilise this (if it was to become possible to travel back and ahead of time).

    I look forward to viewing your final product.
    Jasmine 🙂


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