Scrabble VS Words with Friends: The Beta

For my individual assessment I will be conducting a comparative study assessing Scrabble vs Words with Friends and how the game experience differs when digitalising a traditionally well-known analogue game. For this project, as mentioned in my pitch blog, I will be using pre-existing research on this topic as well as playing the game with my family to conduct my own research of the game experience. I will then be creating a final video essay of my findings which I will also post to my YouTube and this blogsite to create a digital artefact. After receiving some feedback from my initial pitch blog post, I realised there were some important features missing from my pitch to give enough of an idea of what exactly my study will be assessing. With the help and feedback given to me by Chris I realised some key aspects such as: the parameters of my study, the dimensions of my research or the timeline for this DA were yet to be decided. In this project beta I have created a clearer structure for how I will approach this analysis, as well as created a timeline for the project.


Analytical Framework

 To give more structure to my DA I also needed to establish my analytical framework. Using a triangulated approach to analysing my topic, I’ve decided to split it into:

  1. Rules & Mechanics– In this section I will compare how Scrabble and Words with Friends differ in their rules and mechanics, I’d like to give a brief introduction first on what is meant by games and mechanics in simple terms and then explain these in relation to the game.
  2. Platform (analogue vs digital)- In this section I will then dive into the platform and here I will discuss the digitalisation of a traditional analogue game, as they are owned by separate companies it will be interesting to see what changes were made from the original when making this app.
  3. Game Experience- In this section it will sort of sum up the two previous sections and explain how they contribute to the game experience itself, I will also include my personal experience playing the game with my family here and note the comments and differentiations they also experienced playing the game as well as my own thoughts.

Each point will be assigned to a section of my final video essay that I will produce for the final production of the digital artefact.

Timeline for production

As this final product will be needed to be complete by June 12th, I have created a rough time schedule to complete bits of the task each week in order to stay on track of time.

15th May- Project Beta Blog (this current blog) due

22nd May- Research and conduct paragraph for “Rules and Mechanics” part of the video essay

29th May- Research and create paragraph for “Platform” part of video essay

5th June- Research Game Experience as well as have family play Scrabble and Words with Friends to formulate final part of video essay

12Th June- During the start of this week begin to piece together each segment and then have the final product completed by the due date.

Thanks for reading and stayed tuned for this final video essay! 🙂

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