Wrapping it up – MOOD

Mood Podcast: Music, Online, Open, Discussion. Initially, we made Mood Podcast to share and spark conversation around a topic we are so very passion about, music. Collaborating with other members on this project really allowed our conversations to open up and reach an audience further than what we could have individually done alone. Sharing our similar as well as differing opinions on music related topics was an interesting, fun and exciting project to be a part of, and I feel as if in future this is a digital artefact with a lot of potential and something I would like to work on past this assignment.

We chose to distribute our artefact across both YouTube and Instagram platforms. YouTube was used to post our podcast series and we used Instagram to further reach and find an audience, as well as engage with them through platform features such as “stories”. In addition to this we also utilised Reddit to ask for suggestions, receive feedback and possibly create more audience attraction and engagement.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 5.59.58 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 5.59.06 pm.png

Why Mood podcast? Why is it useful or meaningful for our audience?

Music is “relatable”, opinions and conversations around music are easy to engage with as we all listen to music and have own own tastes of what we enjoy/don’t enjoy! In our podcast, we focused on different topics per episode.

Episode 1: An Introduction/ Sad Songs

On this episode we introduced ourselves, gave a bit of background as to what music/artists we listen to as well as explaining HOW we found our music taste. We also discussed “songs you listen to when your sad” “songs that make you sad”, and listed a few artists, songs.

Episode 2: Feel good/ Blast from the past

Contrasting with the previous podcast, this week we focused on happy songs, songs that make you feel good! This also weaved into us talking about nostalgic childhood songs as well.

Episode 3: Artists we’re loving atm/ CRINGE tunes we hate to admit we like

New Music Friday, this week we focused our discussion around new and current music/artists/albums. We then discussed some music that we kind of hate to admit we like…

Episode 4: Festivals past and present

To spread our podcast out there a little more, our most recent podcast discussed music festivals. Festivals we have attended, as well as the upcoming summer festival line ups! We had another friend join in on the conversation for this one as well to add to the diversity of the discussion.


The results.


Well, in all honesty, the YouTube Channel was a flop.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 3.28.30 pm.png

Although the initial video appears to have done really well, the following videos dramatically dropped the more videos we posted.

Initially I thought maybe it was to do with the time of day the video was posted, but after trialing this, it was not at all related. I also tried adding some popular tags to the YouTube videos, definitely looks like videos tagged with “Taylor Swift” or “Ariana Grande” seemed to get more views- which is not surprising to me at all.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 5.58.24 pm.png

After reviewing the entirety of the project now, I think it was in fact the “hype” and wait time that we did for the first video that made the initial videos views the highest of all video. We only got to producing 4 podcast episodes but they definitely could have been hyped up or space out better.

Although we did have a bit of a fail with the actual podcast, the Instagram seemed to do extremely well. For every week we posted a Podcast, Julia edited a snippet and post to the Instagram as a “sneak peek”. Alongside these sneak peeks, and where our audience engagement was the most successful, was the Instagram “stories” feature. This feature allowed us to not only interact with and find our audience, with questions and polls, but we even got some interaction from artists replying to our stories!

Story Reactions:

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 5.56.48 pm.png

Comments from The 1975 fans:



Australian band Lime Cordiale replying to our story:


Another aspect of the Instagram which I would’ve like to explore a little more, was posting more live concert images and footage, as this is something I am really passionate about- capturing that one amateur shot or video that sums up the entire performance of the artist, and the experience of the performance. Both Julia and I did end up posting a few of these, which gained some attraction from fans and photographers, but I do feel there was a lot more potential here that we didn’t get to explore.


Australian Duo Bootleg Rascal commenting on our picture of them:


Overall, running this Digital Artefact, was a lot of trial and error, and the places we succeeded were not at all what we expected yet, the engagement does show us that a simple Q & A Instagram story which takes seconds to create, was the easiest way of receiving audience engagement and continuing the “conversation we aimed to create when creating the podcast on YouTube. Along with the YouTube algorithm being a little hard to navigate, and some other external factors, such as finding time to record podcasts and meet up to work on this project, it was a fun but challenging process.


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