Writing a game analysis: Gaming in Education

Creating this Digital Artefact, was initially quite confronting and challenging for me. As an individual who does not regularly contribute and participate to the gaming community, I found myself limited to what topics or games in particular I could focus on. However, I did eventually start to think about the only real experience I had with playing video games and that was through school.

After receiving feedback from my peers, I was guided to focus on a singular game, I decided on using Minecraft as the most research has been done on this game and it is readily available all over the internet.


– Gaming in Education: Minecraft-

I decided a blog series approach may suit this topic best, and I felt as if my blog site has a pretty well presented format and tone which I was already comfortable using. Analytically approaching “Gaming in Education” I wanted to focus on:

1.Media Audiences (Participatory media theories)

2. Structural Elements (features of the Minecraft: Education Edition)

3. Media archeology (looking at other games used in education)

I dedicated one analytical topic to each of my three blog posts.


Finding an Audience:

To find and attract an audience to my series I originally was going to be utilising features on WordPress. Experimenting with posting and commenting my own blog into other education based blog sites to generate traction to my own site. However, it was soon made very clear to be that I had to broaden the exposure to my site. Taking on board feedback from my peers, I began using Reddit as a way of also trying to reach an audience.

Reddit in all honesty, was a very confusing, frustrating, yet enlightening experience. Before this semester, I was very unfamiliar with this platform, I had only roughly ever heard it mentioned, mainly through the Communications and Media subjects from my first year. Trying to navigate my way through it was difficult for someone like myself with no experience to the site. I first had to generate “Karma”, and in the process of doing so many of my posts to even non-gaming related groups were deleted or removed. Which was very frustrating as to post in any groups at all I needed karma! Once I finally had karma, the posts I made did not even get interaction! (definitely resulted in a rollercoaster of emotions)


Overall, my original goal for my series was to give insight and create more conversations around how we can utilise the technology we have at our fingertips in the present time. I wanted to make people more aware of how games/media can be so beneficial to our learning experience and should no longer be perceived as a negative “brainwashing tool”. Did I achieve this? Well, although I did struggle with finding an audience and, would have liked to create better audience interactions for this project, I still was able to complete the series to the best of my ability, continuing and creating more conversation around Gaming in Education, which was the “utility” of this project. Feedback from my class peers was extremely helpful and insightful throughout the entire process and I did get to learn and explore a topic very much out of my comfort zone.


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