Part 3 Gaming In Education: Minecraft- Media Archeology



When analysing educational video games, researchers must also observe that games, which are not designed specifically for educational purposes have been used.

Off-the-shelf games like Civilization III, Making History, Massively Multiplayer Online-Role-Playing Games like World of Warcraft or EVE Online, simulation games like Sim City 2000 and narrative focused adventures like The Walking Dead have been used in education or educational research. These examples show the growing interest of researchers and teachers in using different software as educational tools.

This can be elucidated even further when observing the impressive success of Quizkampen, a mobile-based trivia game that includes online duels between friends and strangers.

The players have to answer questions that address very different topics such as politics, geography, movies or film stars. Thus, a stable learning process within topics that are not entirely entertainment based is needed to improve in the competitive scenario

The German version Quizduel has been downloaded more than 10 million times and was extended to other media since the game is the centre of a nationwide TV show. The success of a game that combines educational elements and competitive videogame mechanics is an appropriate example of the potential of videos game with entertainment focused intent.


How about Minecraft?

Minecraft had a significant impact not only on videogames in general but also on education and research. More than 19 million copies have been sold for pc 12 million for Xbox and more than 21 million for mobile phones (2014-15 research) which places the game in the all-time best sellers list.

Since it developer Mojang has been taken over by Microsoft for 2.5 billion the game is known to the public as this was addressed in news around the world. In addition, millions of hours of gameplay footage and lets plays are available for interested users who are either too young or don’t have the technical or financial capacities to pay the game themselves.

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