Project Beta: Where we are now

Since posting my initial pitch blog and video, I received some helpful and insightful feedback on my “Gaming in Education” blog series concept. After reviewing this feedback and applying it when writing my first blog of the series, I think I’m beginning to get a better idea of what a game media analysis really is.

Overall, I received quite positive comments from my fellow classmates on my pitch video regarding the topic idea and my overall presentation of the video. It was suggested that my topic was slightly broad so I did take on board that feedback and have decide to solely focus on Minecraft for my analysis.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 1.04.38 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 1.04.15 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 1.05.00 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 1.04.15 pm.png


An aspect which I noticed which was a common suggestion was that I use Reddit to find my audience. Only this year I have come around to making a reddit account for the first time. So before I could even try posting anywhere I did have to figure out how to use Reddit and in the process I had to try and gain a bit of karma to actually allow me to make post in Reddit forums. Personally, I did find this a little challenging, however I’m very aware this is a platform I will have to be utilising working in media so I am still eager to learn how to use it a little better.

I made a post to a blog group asking for some feedback and help on finding an audience for my proposed series however I am still yet to actually receive a reply. I definitely need to expand and try posting to multiple groups and will be posting to some of the groups which were initially suggested to me by my peer commenters as I continue to create blogs for the series.

After learning and understanding a bit more about what this digital artefact project was asking me to do, I realised that in my original pitch I could have elaborated on or included more about my analytical approach to the task. I’ve attempted to begin a more analytical approach when creating my first piece of blog content whilst creating the first blog.  As I am a communications and media student, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities that cross over through analysing active game participants and to the active media audience theories that I learnt in my first year studying the course. In my first blog I wanted to use this as a starting point to begin as not only did it help me understand how we as media audiences create meaning (post-structuralism) but I thought it would also help my own audience.


My first blog of the series can be viewed here. 

And for further explanation and summary video my Digital Artefact Beta video below:

8 thoughts on “Project Beta: Where we are now

  1. Hi Anthea!
    You had an excellent start to your beta. I have been following your posts because ‘Game in education’ is an exciting topic. Based on the beta video, your process was shown the research and development of your DA. In your pitch, I advised you that your topic is big, so it needs to be smaller. I appreciate your listening when you focused on Minecraft. Reddit is a good platform for you to find other audiences, so keep using it.
    However, I think that you should promote the blog on your Twitter or Facebook, then you can test on Reddit. You ought to have a specific plan because the content of your first blog is straightforward. I think that you may use some shortcuts for introduction or how to play the game into your blog. And the way to display should be more enjoyable. Furthermore, you are having a problem when you found sources, especially finding academic sources. For this reason, I searched some valuable references for your project.

    Academic sources:
    This is a useful source for your topic because it examines the history of games in education, and argues that the potential of games has been ignored by educators.

    It focuses on using Minecraft in education and the educational benefits of video games.

    Click to access Petrov_Anton_201406_MT_MTRP.pdf

    Other sources:
    I researched some videos on YouTube to support the display of your next blogs.
    Minecraft: Education Edition

    Minecraft: Education Edition Trailer

    Best regards,


  2. To begin, my mother works as a technology consultant for the Bathurst diocese catholic education group and is more than happy to answer any question you have! Let me know if you want her contact details!

    To look at your topic from an educational perspective, you might need to look at education models and theory as well. A good place to start is the SAMR model for technology in the class room

    Moving on, some other interesting articles I think could be useful are the department of educations own page on Minecraft for educational purposes

    Back to your beta post. Your video is incredible, It clearly shows the work you have done and the way you have engaged with audience feedback. In terms of connecting with an audience I think you might find there are multiple teacher blogs out there that could have some interesting points or a place for you to ask teachers themselves about the topic.

    Your blog post needed to have additional information, you sort of just repeated yourself using the same gifs and images. However the link to your first blog post helped give the beta context which was great!


  3. Video:

    I thought you explained your topic and process really well! However, I feel like some of the clips you we’re talking over were unnecessary and unrelated to your topic.
    As well I found the music in the background slightly distracting. During the video the main question I was wondering about your topic surronding minecraft in education was what lessons were students learning through this program?

    Blog Post:
    Your blog post is super well formatted! I love your use of screenshots to help emphasize what you’re talking about. It really helped show me the feedback you’ve recieved so far.
    I think this article about game-based education, with a focus on minecraft would be benefical to your digital artifact!


  4. Video
    The overall quality of your video was very well done. It was interesting to watch and the visuals kept me engaged throughout its entirety. You were also very thorough in describing how you took in previous feedback, especially how you are going to focus on Minecraft in particular as well include analysis from other subjects you are taking which I believe will be very beneficial to your DA. You also discussed how you attempted to engage an audience on Reddit, which while you didn’t gain any feedback from, is a good platform to use and shows your effort. I would have however further attempted to engage an audience on other platforms such as Twitter once you saw that there wasn’t a large amount of participation happening. I also would have liked to have seen potentially more discussion about your blog post prototype in this video as I found myself unsure if you had actually created a prototype until I read your accompanying post.

    Your blog post mainly reiterated what was already covered in the video and so I would have liked to have seen further discussion on research and how you plan to take your analytical approach to the DA. I would have also liked to have seen more about your prototype blog post as mentioned before, however I do appreciate it being linked in this post as it is a very important part of this Beta assessment.

    Click to access 187769_5405%20Griffiths%20Publisher.pdf

    I have linked the above article which I believe will benefit your research as it discusses the educational value in video games alongside their entertainment value for children.


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