Gaming In Education: The Pitch


Gaming is revolutionising the way we learn. Computer games for many years have been incorporated into classroom time, I remember in my very early years of primary school using spelling and mathematic games in our “computer time” and how much I’d look forward to it every week. However, if only I’d grown up 15 years later, in a world where games such as Minecraft are changing the way we learn in more ways than ever.


For this semester’s digital artefact, I will be creating a blog series to further explore and discuss the use of games as an accessory to learning. The aim will be to create a composition of 3-4 blogs that will summarise and comment on already existing information and journal extracts on gaming in education.

I plan to analyse Minecraft as a main topic of interest, there are numerous research articles and experiments already existing explaining its role in the classroom such as “Mining Learning and Crafting Scientific Experiments”,Investigating the role of Minecraft in educational learning environments” and “Redstone is like electricity’: Children’s performative representations in and around Minecraft” (cited in bibliography). Gaming in special education is also I topic I wish to cover in this series as I have grown up with a sibling in special education and am interested in examining the role computer games assist in this area as well.


To find and attract an audience to my series I will be utilising features on WordPress. Experimenting with posting and commenting my own blog into other education based blog sites I hope to generate traction to my own site. I’m hoping by discussing games used through both my own and my sisters schooling experience I can also greater a better connection with my audience who may be able to relate to the experiences I had during schooling. Overall, this series is going to give insight and create more conversations around how we can utilise the technology we have at our fingertips in the present time. I hope to in some way make people more aware of how game media can be so beneficial to our learning experience and should no longer be perceived as a negative “brainwashing tool”.


Check out the video below for more explanation 🙂




Dezuanni, M., O’Mara, J., & Beavis, C. (2015). ‘Redstone is like electricity’: Children’s performative representations in and around Minecraft. E-Learning and Digital Media12(2), 147–163.

Noelene Callaghan (2016) Investigating the role of Minecraft in educational learning environments, Educational Media International, 53:4, 244-260, DOI: 10.1080/09523987.2016.1254877

Steve Nebel, Sascha Schneider and Günter Daniel Rey, Journal of Educational Technology & Society, Vol. 19, No. 2, Intelligent and Affective Learning Environments: New Trends and Challenges (April 2016), pp. 355-366


Footage used in video:

VIA Films “Back to School” Stock Footage Reel.-

Kids Playing Computer Game – Free Stock Footage:

Looking at PC Monitor 01 / Free Stock Footage (4K):

Stock footage video game screen:



2 thoughts on “Gaming In Education: The Pitch

  1. Overall there is not a lot I can comment on regarding your presentation. You seem to have everything thought out and planned really well and I can’t really fault you on anything. The video looks professional, although you could speak a LITTLE bit faster (the opposite problem most people have!), and that would have also cut down the 10 seconds you went over.

    The only thing I can add that I think might be helpful to you, is that I have a mate on Twitter who works at Liverpool Council, and they ran a Minecraft competition to help design something for the new airport. He might be up for speaking with you about it? You can find him at @daniellavorato on Twitter, and tell him I sent you.

    I would also look at creating a reddit account and posting some of your work on there, I am sure there would be subreddits that would be interested in it. I suggest making the account now and using it a bit to build up karma – you need karma to post in multiple subreddits or it will lock you out, so it is best to use it a bit now to get the karma up so it knows you aren’t just a bot. Even just somewhere as simple as /r/education/ /r/teaching /r/Australianteachers might be a good place to start.


  2. One of the cleanest pitch videos and contextual blogs I’ve seen. The time you went over would have easily been mended by pacing yourself a bit better. Your use of hyperlinks pleases me, as a visual learner, and I think you’ve got a very well-rounded set of sources. Overall, well done!

    Since you’re using WordPress as your main medium, I’d suggest looking into advertising on sites such as Reddit. There are plenty of video game and education related subreddits that this would fit right into. Just be mindful of each subreddit’s guidelines and how you frame your posts, as there’s a fine line between sharing content and being a shameless self-promoter. Find the balance and your audience will stick to you.

    Also, Twitter is your friend. Schedule tweets sharing your blogs using Tweetdeck and pay attention to peak times on the relevant hashtags.


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