too fast for the truth.

In 1858, The New York Times called the telegraph “superficial, sudden, unsifted, too fast for the truth”. Interestingly enough it looks like the same concerned comments made about the development of technology for the telegraph back in 1858 is a timeless phenomenon that we are still very much worried about today with our own “telegraph” of this time, the internet.

No longer do we have to spend two minutes waiting to transmit a single character (letter or number), a rate of about 0.1 words per minute, however if this was what they considered “too fast” then what would they think of the speed it takes to tweet to hundreds of your uni classmates in  the blink of an eye in a lecture hall?

But what exactly did the New York Times mean by describing it as “too fast for the truth”, at what “speed” did truth exactly travel in? Technological advances and anxiety will forever tie together hand in hand as many get wrapped up in how a new technology may disrupt our existing expectations of time. But really- the lack of control and the fear of the unknown.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 4.26.54 PM.png

The image I’ve used above is the iconic Jack Nicholson “You Can’t Handle the Truth” scene from the film “A Few Good Men”. Even if you haven’t seen the film, like myself, I am certain you are familiar with this scene and I thought it fit well with this weeks content.

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