Successful Failure

Weeks of unproductively and lack of motivation, a project we were originally so excited about instantly became a fail before even uploading our first video. The Time 2 Talk Youtube series, although a great concept really just did not work. As a group we just were not satisfied with the content we had created considering the amount of time we had spent on it. The filming, the editing, the lack of organisation- if this was going to be the weekly situation there was no point moving ahead with the project so back to the thinking board we went- all part of the prototyping process which allows our to test our ideas and improve on them. Our first little moment of FEFO.

With only a few weeks to go until the BETA presentation we needed a project which we could very simply create content rapidly. With all of us having previous experience with Instagram it seemed like the most suited platform. To get the “project” up and running as quickly as possible we needed something we already had preexisting content for or something we could maybe repost other people’s content with. Being the basic white girls we are we realized between the three of us we had a lot of aesthetic cocktail/foodie photos and together accumulated around 30 photos already.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 2.18.32 PM.png

Recycling a DA Instagram account from last semester to give the account an appearance of credibility and authenticity from the previous existing followers, we simply deleted all the existing posts and started designing the name, logo, bio of the new account.


For an entire week in order to create a consistent feed of content, the three of us each posted once a day (3 posts a day in total) and this really helped and gave us a chance to experiment with gaining followers, likes and figuring out our audience.


We experimented with:

  • Converting the account to a business account to view the analytics
  • Posting times- morning, daytime, night posts (morning worked best)
  • Hashtags- website called “best hashtags” simply curated a set of hashtags for us to easily copy and paste straight into the comments (the hashtags made a huge difference and the likes would start to follow in straight away)
  • Following other foodie accounts, restaurants, bars (lots would follow us back or even comment on our photos of their food)
  • Tagging/reposting the other accounts posts onto our own account
  • Tagging the restaurants/bars in the location on the posts
  • Posting polls on our Instagram story (in an attempt to gain interaction with the audience but sorta failed)
  • Shout outs on our own Instagram accounts (helped gain quite a few followers)



A week’s worth of results:



In order to keep gaining followers and likes we definitely need to:

  1. POST In the morning
  2. DEFINITELY posting on Monday’s as they seemed to be our most popular day
  3. Continue to tag restaurants/bars as their interaction with us was successful and there is definitely potential for us to reach out to them for a possible shout tout
  4. Continue our aesthetic and colour scheme that we have established as it seems to be enjoyed by the audience
  5. HASHTAGS which have been the easiest way for us to gain followers and likes


Conclusively, although we originally were so bummed out that our original DA idea failed, it led us to a project we actually enjoyed to create content for and were motivated to do well with. We need to continue the effort we’ve put in to start up the project if we want to keep improving from here.



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2 thoughts on “Successful Failure

  1. I really love your idea! I personally love finding new places to go with my friends and I think it’s so cool that you’re posting so often and such cool pics as well! I’m not sure if you’re doing this but I think it would be beneficial if you used hashtags, tagged where the food/drink was from as well as a location and also maybe tag other food accounts and try get recognised by them and you could possibly go on Instagram insights or do a poll on your Instagram story and ask where your followers are located that way you can maybe go to places that would be beneficial for them locality wise.


  2. Your thought process is spot on. I can completely understand each step you’ve taken with deciding and working on your digital artefact, its a shame that your initial idea didn’t work out, but I’ve had a look at your instagram, and it looks really professional, has a really good vibe, and you can tell its something you enjoy and are passionate about!!.. Not sure if I got that vibe from your previous idea although it did seem really interesting! I LOVE seeing all the images of food, drinks etc (I mean who doesn’t) one suggestion I have that I think would be interesting to see would be slo motion reaction videos after taking a first sip, bite etc of food and putting that on insta story/those permanent instagram stories you have just under the bio? Heaps of food accounts as good as they are don’t have a face to the profile. This would maybe be a way to make your account stand out from other foodstagrams and have something funny/entertaining to watch, and really capture the emotions and reactions that people get when dining out. Because lets be honest, food really does bring people together.

    But I absolutely LOVE what you guys have made.
    Keep it up!

    Maddy xx


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