Starter Pack Stereotyping

As Marion Newman states, the perceptual frame is used to map all information inputs to  ” a version of reality built from personal experience, interaction with peers, and interpreted selections from the mass media” . When propagating memes, for example starter packs, it is this careful selection and salience that makes the experience “relatable”.

Starter packs indicate memetic frames. By stereotyping the type of “basic” bops I’ve noticed some of my basic friends seem to really enjoy whilst cruising around at night for a quick Maccas run, I managed to generate a playlist of music as a form of a starter pack.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 4.46.52 PM.png

“YEh i LoVE (insert basic artist here) mY faVe sONg of TheIRs iS (insert the artists most popular song here)”

– a common said phrase by many of them

A problem I found when getting passed the AUX cord with some of my friends is that they:

a) hated my edgy indie music

b) had never even heard the songs I would play even if they knew the artist

This playlist became a solution and when tested it successfully got them feeling “LIT AF”.


If this playlist consists of music you listen to please do not get offended there really are some bangers in here. However, if this playlist isn’t edgy, indie or alternative enough for you then I’ve got you covered. Click here


Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.18.52 PM.png


8 thoughts on “Starter Pack Stereotyping

  1. Who would have thought that as Marion stated our personal experiences combined with interpretations from the mass media overall perceive the way we view people and their associations in life. Your remediation cleverly suggests that framing is inevitable and through selection and salience the propagation of memes such as starter packs are used to showcase our perceptions of a perceived reality. You should check out Robert Entman’s article for further insight into how framing works in terms of selecting aspects of a perceived reality and communicating them on media platforms. This is seen by your specific audience and schemers who view your perceived reality as a causal interpretation. Overall looking at what is made important to the world.

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  2. Firstly I just want to say I’ve spent about 5 minutes just staring at the gif hahaha! I think starter packs are such a great way to frame events/people! Music these days is a huge factor of starter packs. Whether it’s festivals, outfits, band t-shirts, or just a way of framing a person, music is included in the construction of perception. This is a good article about unpacking the meaning behind starter packs that I think you would enjoy.
    Overall your blog post is great. I would add in a link to support what Marion stated and even add in the link above for ‘starter packs’ for other readers to gain a better understanding.
    Great work!!!

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  3. You’ve definitely nailed the concept of framing and the way you’ve contextualized it is impressive. I think starter packs are funny in some way because there’s always truth to them! I definitely had a little giggle at this playlist and love how you’ve added the disclaimer hahah! At the same time, I definitely listen to all these songs with no shame. Also, have to agree and can definitely relate with you when it comes to getting passed the AUX cord and the problems mentioned, and I will definitely be giving that playlist a follow so I can play it next time I’m on AUX duty! Thanks!

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