“Media technologies are stacks where layers permit subsequent layers”

As the technology develops and media platforms are constructed, more media platforms can be built on. This process can be visually represented through a stack where each new stack is built off the previous layer.

Example from BCM112 lecture:

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 9.35.27 PM.png

So basically in other words (for a simple mind like mine):

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.58.23 PM.png

(made using Pics Art)

In this stack I’ve constructed each layer allows for the development for the following layer. From the bottom layer of the App Store followed by snapchat, the creation of Snapchat stories, Kylie Jenner’s fame and finally to the top layer of “Kylie Cosmetics”. Now although this is just in my opinion how Kylie got to where she is now, it does show a developmental process in the format of those used for media technology stacks.

4 thoughts on “STACKS ON STACKS

  1. Hey Anthea! I really liked how you took a media technology concept and interpreted it in such a modern way that really fits in within a new media landscape. Your interpretation of stacks seemed spot on as you clearly link your remediation to the overall concept strongly.
    With kylie cosmetics acting as content on top of the stack, and with the app store and snapchat acting as vital elements to the stack, you made the concept really easy to understand. I found this article which also helped me understand the concept of technological stacks

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  2. Looovee this! I have a simple mind too haha so this was really easy to understand. I really like how you linked the topic with your image because it made it really easy for me to understand the concept better since I was kinda struggling. It seems media stacks are need for the creation of content, in the end everything piles together for a final product. Great Job!

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  3. Hey! first off, I really love your remediation, it genuinely made me laugh and we all know that doesn’t always happen.
    On a more serious note, I think both your post and remediation work really well together to explain the whole concept of technological stacks to even the classic white girl audience. I think relating the whole concept to a real world example, being Kylie, is really helpful to mine (and everyone’s) overall understanding of the ideas you are presenting.
    All up, this is a really good post that I thoroughly enjoyed reading (and helped me to understand the whole topic)
    Keep it up!

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