If I Was A Transmedia Story


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Transmedia stories involve one story scattered over many channels. When pieced together and unified, more to a story is revealed as different parts are reviewed and reconstructed. A simple way to explain this can be simply by observing your own social media accounts (or in this case we’re going to be deconstructing mine).

The content you publish on your Facebook account in comparison to your Instagram or Snapchat is VERY different, each give insight to you and your “real life” yet each show a completely different story as each is carefully selected to better fit the platform they are to be published on.


Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.13.47 PM.png

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In 2015 for some reason “private” Instagram accounts became a big thing at my school and although it’s embarrassing to admit, I still use and run mine to this day. The original purpose of a “private” Instagram was to sort of post weird photos and videos of your “true” self which you would only let a certain amount of your “closer friends” follow, purely just for a bit of a laugh. Instagram now has the “Close Friends” feature which acts exactly the same, yet I continue posting on my meme private account mainly because I find it real entertaining laughing at myself.

Comparing the feed of the two accounts you can really see a big difference. My public account consists of better quality photos, with more consideration of aesthetics. The private account is whole of of mess, low quality posts and memes. By viewing both accounts a more holistic look on me as a person can be seen.

2 thoughts on “If I Was A Transmedia Story

  1. I think you’ve raised some really interesting points about how transmedia stroies unfold in our personal lives through social media. What I think is also important to think about is how people manipulate this narrative to produce false reflections – like how filters are used and some photos can be set up on platforms like snapchat and instagram.

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  2. The personal twist on the topic of transmedia is very interesting. I can 100% relate to the whole “instaPriv” concept as it was also a huge trend at my high school. Your remediation helped me gain a better understanding of the topic. Instagram is universal and we like experimenting with our ideal aesthetic. Good Job!

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