Before studying BCM112 I never imagined myself having an actual serious discussion about meMEZ. However, as we’ve learnt over the following weeks there’s more to memes than just a funny photo (usually with text printed on top).


(made using Pics Art)

So as we’ve heard good ol’ trav dawgz mention in multiple lectures, memes are “ideas inserted into minds”. As shown in my scientific diagram below:


(spent way too much time making using Pics Art and Giphy)

By looking at memes from this perspective, it makes perfectly good sense as to why memes are such a vital part of politics, especially with the rise of social media.

Although political memes have always existed, as discussed in The Guardian’s 2016 report on meme warfare in regards to the US elections, “political memes are no longer rare flashes of uncensored personality or intensely manicured visual messages”  “they are now born from the swamps of the internet in real-time, distributed from the bottom up”.

The “copying machine” a.k.a our beautiful internet, has the ability to rapidly reproduce, so even my masterpiece of a meme above is at risk of being copied and manipulated and ridiculed. (pls do it I dare you)


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