Collective Unintelligence


Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 8.41.41 PM.png

(Made using Giphy)

In order to gain a better understanding on the ideologies surrounding trajectories of convergence, we decided a collaborated group discussion would best benefit us.

Julia, Leah, Isabella and I cover topics such as:

  • monologic media > dialogic media
  • user empowerment
  • collective intelligence
  • propagation of memes
  • social media’s role in distributing content

We also further discuss it in terms of Trajectories of Media III including:

  • media technologies
  • user access
  • the media development process
  • open sources
  • stacks

Enjoy below our 7.5min attempt of trying our best to wrap our head around these concepts.

(Made using GarageBand)





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