Before this week I only had vague ideas on the terms “Vaporwave”, “Glitch” and “Aesthetics”, and after trying to wrap my head around the concepts presented to us in the lecture in addition to doing my own further research, I’m actually quite amazed that I was oblivious to a subculture taking over the internet as we know it.

Wesley Thorp’s (who by the way if you go to look up on google is apparently a rodeo champion so make sure to look up the correct one) TED talk on Glitch Art really opened my eyes to the endless opportunities remixing digital media data brings to the table. Thorp transformed photo data into audio and transformed an essay into amazing pixelated art?!? I was left in awe, what comes next?

We are advancing by the day, we can produce new media, experiment with it and alter it so easily and quickly. We are moving away from the industrial culture and “dissolving the boundaries between production and conception”.

JPEG image-5F860A6E828D-1.jpeg

Both the GIF and the photo above were made using PicsArt and VaporWave Editor-R4VE Glitch and Giphy and I was actually surprised as to how easy and quick it was to make them! (Appreciate my MESSY a e s t h e t i c s)



3 thoughts on “A N T S T H E T I C S

  1. Hey Anthea! I found it so interesting how the concept of ‘glitch art’ opens so many doors in terms of digital transformations and the evolution of craft. The TED Talk attached was very insightful into the world of glitch art, and helped explain the challenging concept very well. Wesley Thorp is such an important figure in the glitch movement, I would highly suggest checking out some of his other works online; super helpful! Both your gif and photo explored the concept perfectly. You should try a soundcloud podcast or a youtube video next! Cant wait to see more posts from you!


  2. hey! super awesome post, really loved your remediations, and their incorporations of the vaporwave and glitch aesthetics! would loved to have seen further engagement with the topic, and how your creations reflect what you’ve learnt – this could help with further discussion 🙂
    Sarah x


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