The medium is the massage* oops I meant message*

“a hammer extends our arm and the wheel extends our legs and feet” – Each enables us to do more than our bodies could do on their own.

According to McLuhan, a medium is any extension of our body or senses or mind – it is anything from which a change emerges. McLuhan expressed the idea that in regards to media it was not intact the content presented that mattered but the platform in which it was presented on. The form changes our unified experience. As we advance in the technological world it’s amazing to see how the platforms we create and express ourselves through have evolved .

With now the ability to converge multiple devices (the transition from analog to digital media), we even have our grandparents finding their way around platforms like Facebook leaving comments on your not-so-grandparent-appropriate Facebook posts, expressing their thoughts on why your “using that language” with your sibling online.

In comparison to the generation our grandparents grew up in where they were once only passive consumers of media and could keep their cringe comments to themselves, they now play an active role in engaging with media and using it to express opinions of their own (whether their comments are wanted to be seen by all your Facebook friends or not).




The meme I’ve created is based on the fact that 1. People often try to flip McLuhan’s quote around and 2. When initially printed the McLuhan’s book actually read “The Medium is the Massage” (made using imgflip meme generator & giphy)





(Oh and here’s a grandma’s Facebook group share it round xx

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 8.44.29 PM.png



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